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Tesla Transponder coils are suitable for many automotive and industrial applications.


The electronic immobilizer was designed to prevent the cars to be stolen by shortcircuit of the electrical contacts. The electronics of the inmobilizer is activated by an electromagnetic field send by the car.



Keyless Entry System (KES).

Keyless Entry System is a widespreaded system that enables the user of the car to open the doors remotely. In some systems, the driver can also start the engine of the car without mechanical parts or physical contact. Our transponder coils are suitable for your Keyless Entry System.


Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

Due to the influence that the pressure of the tires has on the safety of the passengers, TPMS was developed some years ago to improve safety conditions on board. TPMS system communicates by RFID technology with the control unit of the car in order to display the pressure of each tire separately. Our transponder coils can work as an antenna for the system.



Below you can find a selection table for some of these applications.

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