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T3DA09: The smallest 3D
Antenna ever

New challenges, new solutions. Tesla Inductive Technologies has developed the smallest 3D Antenna ever in the industry. Suitable for most of the automotive and industry aplications, it includes a new winding technology to increase the overall performace of the part, as well as to get benefit from each available mm3.

Top performace in the minimum size with a sensitivity of  >32 mVpp/App/m in its small volume (9, 5×9, 5×3, 5mm), T3DA09 provides the most efficient solution for LF applications and it is specially recommended for KES, PKE and immobilizers applications.   Full range of inductances available T3DA09 is now available for the standard inductances values of 2,38mH, 4,91mH and 7,20mH. Other L values are available upon request in our Quick Prototyping Service.

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